Welcome to LAHSA Training

LAHSA offers a wide variety of training classes and webinars to all providers in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care.

After activating a work and/or personal email address and password using Login at the top of the LAHSA training website, any user can do the following by clicking on the buttons at the top of the training website:

Training News
Course Description
Course Schedule
Booking Classes
My Training
Getting Started

Training News
  • Examine new classes being offered at LAHSA
  • Download a new version of the HMIS software
  • Review any upcoming HMIS features
Course Description

On the Course Description page, the user can view detailed course descriptions, course ids, the start and end time for a course and the number of days it take to complete a course.

Course Schedule
  • Allows the user to review a list of available classes, the course dates, start and ends times for each course, the instructor’s name is listed, the status of the course whether it is open or closed, the course location and any course prerequisite(s).

  • By selecting the course and clicking on the Sign-up button on the Course Schedule page, the user will automatically be routed to the Booking Classes page to complete the course registration.

The HMIS button will take the user to the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) website. The HMIS website has several links that can provide anyone that is using HMIS with a wealth of information from the background of HMIS, how HMIS works, to HMIS Participation and much more.

Booking Classes

Allow the user to search for a course by name, month and status. The user can view a list of available classes and register to take a class. Please note, depending on your program type, you may not be eligible to attend specific user trainings. If you are not eligible to attend specific user training because of your program type, you will be notified via email 48 hours prior to the training date.

MY Training

The My Training page will allow a user to review a list of classes that the user has either been put on a waiting list to attend, booked, completed or did not show up for or etc.

Getting Started

<< IT’S A MUST! >>

All first time users must complete the email address and password activation process below to use the new LAHSA Training Website.

If you have already attended HMIS User Training classes and have an active HMIS User account (User ID and Password for HMIS), please use the email address initially used for previous training registration, as this is the email address that your LAHSA Training New Activation email notification and all training notifications will be sent.

If you do not currently have a HMIS User account, please enter an email address and password on the New User Registration Information page that you attend to use consistently on the LAHSA Training Website and where you can retrieve email notifications regarding training.

How do I activate my own email address and password to use as a login for the LAHSA Training Website?

Click Here to watch video tutorial on how to get started
  • Step 1. Click on Login at the top of the LAHSA Training web page.
  • Step 2. Click on the Register button.
  • Step 3. Complete the New User Registration information.
  • Step 4. After completing the entire New User Registration information page, click on Register.
  • Step 5. A Thank you page will appear notifying the user that their account has been setup successfully.
  • Step 6. A LAHSA Training New Activation email with an Activation Link and Activation code will be sent to the user’s email address.

Note: If the user does not find the LAHSA Training New Activation email in their email inbox, check the Junk mail folder.
  • Step 7. Within the LAHSA Training New Activation email, click on Link to Activate New Account.
  • Step 8. The User will enter the Activation Code.
  • Step 9. Next, the user will be directed to a screen informing them that their account was successfully Activated.
  • Step 10. Click on Login to LAHSA.

It is imperative for security purposes, course verification and LAHSA record that every user signs up under the correct agency. Every time a user attempts to sign onto the LAHSA training website the following warning message will come:

****WARNING**** Are you signing up for a course on behalf of the following agency? If this is your current agency please choose the correct agency from the drop down list Otherwise reenter your password and click on login. As the warning states, if the Agency listed is not the user’s Agency, the user would select the correct Agency from the drop down menu.

 You must stop the login process if your agency is not listed in the drop down menu. Next, send an email to hmissupport@lahsa.org to have your agency added to the drop down menu. Once your agency has been added complete steps 1 through 11. If the correct Agency is already listed, the user would simply follow Step 11.

  • Step 11. Next the user would reenter their password and login.